Kubectl autocompletion in MacOS

MacOS comes with a really old bash version. Check the version from the environment variable..


We can install a newer version of bash via Homebrew package manager, get Homebrew from here https://brew.sh.

Kops commands

Quick commands for Kops.

First set the environment variable $NAME and KOPS_STATE_STORE.

$ export NAME=kubernetes-cluster.example.com
$ export KOPS_STATE_STORE=s3://kops

Ansible - Encrypt and Decrypt files

Ansible provide an easy way to encrypt or decrypt files to keep sensitive data in our playbooks. For example, you can have a template which has some username and password and you can keep encrypted.

Running Bludit in a Docker

Bludit is a flat-file CMS (content management system) which you can make you website or blog in a few minutes. Bludit is quite easy to install you just need a webserver with PHP support, but if you want to test it or avoid install a webserver you can use the official Docker image.

Hello World!

This is my new blog. Powered by Bludit.