Kubernetes multiple zones and autoscaling

July 6, 2020

After a while using Kubernetes, I tried to improve the cluster to the edge and try to use all the power from the cloud provider. The following guide is a continuation or improvment of the post Kubernetes cluster with Autoscaling on AWS.

The environment

  • AWS (The idea is the same for any cloud provider)
  • Kubernetes
  • Autoscaling groups for the workes for each availability zone (zone-a, zone-b, zone-c).
  • Cluster-Autoscaler (CA)

The cluster will be scale when:

  • There are pods that failed to run in the cluster due to insufficient resources.
  • There are nodes in the cluster that have been underutilized for an extended period of time and their pods can be placed on other existing nodes.

We have instances groups (nodes groups) per availability zone to avoid some limitations about persistent volumes, I will explain in another post about it.

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Trigger Jenkins jobs via API and curl

April 23, 2020

After upgrade Jenkins, we face an issue (Error 403 No valid crumb was included in the request). We have a few solution they need to trigger Jenkins's job externally via curl command before they start working. For trigger jobs we use a service account in Jenkins.


  • User in Jenkins.
  • User API Token.
  • Crumb Token for CSRF Protection
  • Jenkins version > 2.222.1
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