Bludit: How to install and configure Gris

January 29, 2020 - Last updated: February 10, 2020

I have been working on a different UI for the editor, fully integrated with the Bludit API + AJAX, also has some particular integration with tags, full Markdown support, and a color full dark mode.

I started the project for my technical blog but I would like to share the steps to install and configure the themes on your Bludit installation. I recommend to start from scratch Bludit installation and do not overwrite a current configuration until you understand how this is working.


  • Markdown support.
  • Markdown editor, thanks to EasyMDE.
  • Integrated with highlight.js.
  • Quick view for edit and change properties of the page.
  • UI with AJAX and base on tags.
  • Dark mode.
  • Public and private pages, in the end, the private is just a draft type on Bludit.
  • Ideal for technical people who want to post some code or just add embed code to the pages.

Download the admin panel theme

Clone the following repository into bl-kernel/admin/themes/gris.

git clone bl-kernel/admin/themes/gris

Download the website theme

Clone the following repository into bl-themes/tagg bl-themes/tagg.

git clone bl-themes/tagg

Change the site database

Edit the file bl-content/databases/site.php. Find the following fields and change the values for the next.

"adminTheme": "gris",
"theme": "tagg",

Include draft pages in tag's database

Edit the file bl-kernel/boot/variables.php. Find the following array (~line 107).

$GLOBALS['DB_TAGS_TYPES'] = array('published','static','sticky');

Add the value draft at the end of the array.

$GLOBALS['DB_TAGS_TYPES'] = array('published','static','sticky','draft');

Access to the admin panel

Access to the admin panel, login, and once logged add in the URL the parameter ?config=true. For example:


This will trigger the file config.php to apply small configuration to the site, take a look to the file bl-kernel/admin/themes/gris/config.php to understand what it does.

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