Running Bludit in a Docker

February 26, 2019 - Last updated: November 7, 2019

Bludit is a flat-file CMS (content management system) which you can make you website or blog in a few minutes. Bludit is quite easy to install you just need a webserver with PHP support, but if you want to test it or avoid install a webserver you can use the official Docker image.

You can find the Dockerfile on GitHub or check it at Docker Hub.

Run the container

You can spin up the Docker container with the bellow command.

docker run --name bludit \
    -p 8000:80 \
    -d bludit/docker:latest

This Docker expose the port 8000 on your localhost, so you can get access to the installation going to http://localhost:8000.

Run the container and mount a volumen

If you want to keep the data of Bludit in a directory you can mount the directory as a volumen in the path /usr/share/nginx/html/bl-content, with this you can delete the container and recreate it and not losse the data of the installation.

Create a directory in the localhost.

mkdir /home/user/bludit

Spin up the container with the parameter -v

docker run --name bludit \
    -p 8000:80 \
    -v /home/user/bludit:/usr/share/nginx/html/bl-content \
    -d bludit/docker:latest

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